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Key Guardians recognizes that your Greenwich home, large or small, is more than just your castle.  It's the center of your family's life.  It's your home base.  But it's also an asset that needs protection.  Who takes care of it when you can't be there?  Who's always available - even during an emergency - to safeguard your home and solve any problem that may arise? 

Key Guardians, provides quality keyholder services to our clients by giving them the professional service and steadfast attention to detail they deserve.  Staffed exclusively by retired and active duty members of Greenwich's law enforcement community, there's no one better to entrust your home during any absence short or long. Get in touch today to learn more about the peace of mind our concierge-quality services can bring to you.

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Safety Redefined

Trustworthy, efficient and solid as a rock, Key Guardians has become the best kept secret in an exclusive space.  Founded by two senior law enforcement professionals in Greenwich, Connecticut, Key Guardians relies exclusively on active and retired members of law enforcement to perform services at our client's properties.  Each of our associates has been personally vetted by our principals and together our team has over 200 years of combined service and experience in Greenwich's unique demographic.  Key Guardians is fully insured and each of our associates is a bonded professional.  From simple home checks when you're on vacation to 24-hour keyholder response for a disaster or emergency there is absolutely nothing we can't handle ... and probably already have!

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How can we help you today?

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This is our entry-level service.  It starts with us meeting with you in person at your residence, managing access and collecting all of your family's contact information.  Our base service includes complete residential and family safety planing.  For our small annual fee, Key Guardians will coordinate access and maintain 24-hour a day availability to check your home any time, under any condition, and for any reason.  You call, we go.  24/7/365.  Never a missed call.  Never a dropped message.


Having an emergency?  Does someone need to access your property when you can't be there?  Long term absence?  Sudden change in plans?  Hung up at work?  Stuck out of town due a travel delay?  Imagine having someone who can check on your property and take care of any situation that might arise, either planned or unplanned.  You'll never have to inconvenience a neighbor or rely on a friend who might not be available.  We're just a phone call away.  Always.


No need to worry when you're out of town.  If it's just for the weekend, the whole winter or all year long, Key Guardians is available to check your property on your schedule.  If it's once a day, once a week or once a month we can inspect your home or business - inside and out - and notify you of any trouble how and when you want to be notified.  Let us know when you won't be there - so we can be.


Whatever the job, whatever the problem, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us now.

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Wherever I am, I sleep better at night knowing Jim and Mark at Key Guardians have my back.  I was on an extended trip in Atlanta last winter when an oil burner malfunction left my home without heat.  Key Guardians found the problem, notified me and let in my service provider to resolve the issue, saving my family from a potential disaster.

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Feel free to contact us anytime.  Use email or this contact form.
Emergency?  Call us.  WE ALWAYS ANSWER.

Key Guardians, LLC
PO Box 5262
Greenwich, CT 06831-5262

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