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You can count on Key Guardians, LLC to not only meet, but exceed your needs. Learn more about the services we have previously provided below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering. 
If you're looking for something in particular and don't see it, no worries. 
We can handle it.


  • Key Guardians is happy to serve as the registered key holder for alarm activations at your home.

  • No need to inconvenience a friend or rely on a neighbor who may not be home themselves when your alarm is activated.

  • We will immediately respond to your home at your prearranged or unique direction, whenever your alarm is activated or whenever the Police or Fire Department(s) request a key holder for access 24/7/365. We are always available.   

  • Key Guardians will accompany members of the Police and/or Fire Department’s into your home when required to ensure your home, belongings and pets are safe if an alarm has been activated.

  • With every response we will visually inspect your entire residence; document and log our findings; and text or call you with the results whenever you'd like.

  • Even if they don't have an alarm or require regular home checks, many of our customers enroll in our low-annual-fee basic key holder service ... simply to have someone to call who will always answer the phone any time, day or night, if there is an emergency at their residence that they cannot attend to themselves.  (Hourly services charges will apply.) 

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  • Key Guardians will check your home while you are absent as often as you wish.

  • Every check includes a complete top to bottom walk-through of every room noting any problems with the walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows

  • Basements are checked for water leaks, frozen pipes and pests

  • Verification of the operation of freezers and refrigerators

  • For long-term absences run faucets and disposals to insure traps are filled with water to preventing sewer gases from entering your home

  • Flush all the toilets

  • Rotate Lighting within your home

  • Check the thermostats insuring that the temperature reads as it is set

  • Exterior checks of lawns, grounds, pools and water features

  • Start your cars if requested

  • Collect your newspaper, remove flyers, debris from driveway and front entry

  • Check your mailbox/forward important mail upon request

  • Feed your cats, fish or other small pets (We are happy to provide our customers recommendations for rigorously vetted, well trusted pet-sitters and dog-walkers.)

Country House


The following is a partial list of other services Key Guardians provided to clients by special arrangement at their request:

  • Facilitated secure access to clients' residence for service providers when the residents are not present.  (When you are away is a great time to have carpets cleaned, windows washed or get appliances serviced.)  

  • For Home Check clients, we have picked up dry cleaning, groceries and even fresh flowers to prepare a home for the client's return after an absence. 

  • During long absences started, moved, exercised and monitored cars, trucks, motorcycles (and even a tractor) to avoid dead batteries, fuel system problems or flat-spotting of tires.  Similarly we've arranged the safe transport of vehicles for service or detailing while their owners were away and didn't require use of them.

  • Overseen and updated clients on the progress of on-going construction or outdoor projects in our clients' absence - to include instant electronic documentation transmitted with notes and photos.

  • Made random checks when domestic employees have been at the residence to ensure their integrity and that unwanted persons do not accompany them.

  • Received complex deliveries, remained on site while homes are cleaned, organized and arranged household repairs.

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Have something in mind that's not listed here?  Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered.  Just ask.

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